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We are Clive and Helen, and Memphis Maus is the name we have chosen to represent our small home based cattery specialising in the Egyptian Mau. We are based in Bromley which borders South East London and Kent.

Our first girl, a silver Mau called Serekh Cleopatra (Cleo), bred by Gillian Eccles, was brought home in April 2007. Cleo is now enjoying her retirement from breeding and her descendants have taken over.

Alongside our breeding, we are attending many cat shows getting to meet other Mau owners and talking to visitors who are interested in learning more about Maus.

We hope you share our enthusiasm for the Egyptian Mau. If you want to find o
ut more, please contact us or try one of the links on this site.

The "Memphis" breeder prefix is registered with the
We now have two or three litters of kittens each year, carefully selecting quality stud cats to mate with our queens, with the aim of contributing to the continuous improvement in the breeding lines of the UK Mau population. Kittens are placed on the active register when we believe they are good enough to help achieve this aim.